About SISA Middle and High School

School of International Studies in Sciences & Arts (SISA Main Campus was established in January 2006. In September 2011 the SISA Girls Campus came on the scene and after the success of themidlese two branches in Lahore. It was decided to bring the same high quality of education to Islamabad in form of SISA Islamabad Campus( a joint venture with Rural Development Foundation - The RDF Education Project).

We encourage our students not only to relentlessly challenge and better their own achievements but also set new bench marks for others to follow. It's no wonder then, whether inside or outside the constraints of the classroom, nationally or internationally, you will find SISA students, at their best.

We have achieved the highest standards of academic excellence by:

•        Specially designed curriculum that meets the challenges of a Globalized world

•        Rigorous testing schedules and classes.
•        Interactive study environment in and outside the classroom.
•        Professional development through regular teacher training workshops.
•        Actively participating in National and International co-curricular events The


SISA Awards.

Achievements, whether academic, on the podium, stage or on the field, are always encouraged at SISA. We provide our students ample opportunities to prove themselves and recognize their achievements by awarding them coveted SISA honors:

•       Academics Roll of Honor (College Blazer)

•        Co-curricular Roll of Honor (College Blazer)
•        SISA Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals
•        Student of the Year Awards & Best Graduating Student
•        Teacher Assistants
•        Intel Education Award
•        SISA Color of Debates, Dramatics & Sports etc.