Middle And High School Actives

Along with having an intense curriculum, we also offer a wide variety of extra curricular activities. Students can become members of various societies and participate in different extra curricular activities, both within and outside of SISA.

Debates & Dramatics:de
The SISA Debate and Drama Society is one of the most active clubs at SISA. SISA Debate and Drama Society is further sub-divided into:

• SISA Debating Society
• SISA Dramatics Society
• Film making
• Photography
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The Writer's Guild:
Members are participants in both national and international competitions. The broad horizons of their activities include:

• Poetry
• Declamations
• Interpretive Reading
• Essay Writing

Quiz Competitions:
Members actively take part in challenging Quiz competitions on a variety of subjects, including:

• General Knowledge
• Science
• Mathematics

Members envision, research and develop innovative ideas. The projects, submitted in competitions, include the following categories:

• Arts
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Biology
• 3D Virtual Tours
• Animations
• Web Design

Sports that are avidly played include:

• Athletics
• Cricket
• Basketball
• Table Tennis
• Badminton
• Football
• Netball
• Bridge

The SISA annual magazine is an excellent opportunity for all the enthusiastic writers to get their work published. The students are also involved in the layout of the magazine. The SISA year book is another such attraction for our students. They can design their own pages and preserve their memories of SISA forever.

Environment & Social Awareness:
Everyone must play their part in protecting the environment and SISA students are active environmentalists. They are instrumental in encouraging recycling. They work together with TETRA PAK and distribute paper bags at stores. SISA students participate in tree plantation campaigns in collaboration with WWF. They also raise money for the protection of endangered species. Our students are taught the importance of social work, and are always ready to help out the less fortunate. They raise funds regularly for BUNIYAD, CARE and SOS.
Our students and teachers are actively involved in fundraising for the earthquake of Oct 8, 2006 victims. They are working in close association with NGO’s like Aghaaz, Rural Development Foundation and Oxfam.

Annual Sports Day Our biggest attraction is our Annual Sports Day. The students look forward to the event so that they can receive prizes for their year round winnings at the prize giving ceremony. Party Time!
The Welcome Party is arranged by the senior students of 0' and A' level classes after the college re-opens in September. Your admission to SISA starts with a bang with occasional pranks that the seniors play. In the evening they show you how to have a great time.

The Farewell Party is arranged by the junior students to bid their seniors Bon Voyage! On this evening it is pay back time, as the roles are reversed! The juniors become the seniors and seniors become the victims but soon enough they all get together and enjoy their last evening together. Titles are given to the popular seniors, the most important ones being Mr. SISA and Ms. SISA.
The same evening the college administration honours the Most Outstanding Student of the Graduating Class by giving him/her a special award. The SISA award is our way of saying Well Done and Thank You!

Co-Curricular Achievement Awards
Co-Curricular Roll of Honour (College Blazer):
Student who achieve two colors in different categories and/or have 65 points are awarded the 'Full College Blazer for Co-Curriculars'.

SISA Sports Colour:
Students who win awards at international events like athletics, cricket, table tennis, basketball & soccer and/or have 40 points are awarded the SISA sports badge on their blazer.

SISA Debates Colour:
Top debaters who excel at both national & international competitions and/or have 40 Points are awarded the SISA debates badge ( Co-curricular Colour) on their blazer.