Assistive Parenting

It is important to understand that learning does not begin when a child walks through the classroom door, nor does it end once the school hours finish. Children carry home what they learn in school and retain & adapt a lot more if they get to practice what they have been taught. It is, therefore, imperative that the home environment reflects and reinforces those values.

Assistive Parenting' extends SISA's Early Childhood Program to your home. It requires parents & families to play their part in the upbringing of their child by following best practices that should be adopted at home.

Conversation is important to make the child feel their parents value what they have to say. The more you talk, the more inquisitive a child becomes. Listen to what the child has to say & answer your child's questions carefully and responsibly in simple & clear words.

Take them to Book Fairs, Library & Book Shops and be involved in their selection. Spend time reading to your child, encourage them to go through books, talk about them and ask questions.

Watch educational television programs together. Children love it and you get the opportunity to spend some quality time with your child. Point out things that may interest your child, explain what's on screen & be enthusiastic about it. Choosing the right channels & programs to watch is the parents responsibility. Stay clear of programs that promote violence and coarse language. Where possible, choose to watch the original English versions of programs as dubbed cartoons and documentaries, while informative & entertaining, induce undesired vocabulary & pronunciations. We recommend 'Baby Channel' for Playgroup as children find its slow paced visuals easier to grasp. Children in Nursery & Prep can learn a lot about alphabets & numeric from the 'Sesame Street' series. Other channels that provide good edutainment include National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery etc.

Outdoor Activities:
Spend quality time with your children on weekends. Take them out to parks and entertainment venues. Consult the upcoming weekly topic through our 'Focus & Attention Form' and plan corresponding weekend activities that highlight the topics being discussed.