Middle And High School Guideline

Late Pick-Up Policy:
Staying late after school can be stressful for children. It is critical that you pick your child up on time. If however you might be running late due to unavoidable circumstances, you are requested to inform the school of the delay.

Notification of Events:
Notifications will be conveyed in writing through school circulars and newsletters

Parents are requested to inform the school of all absences, longer than 2 days, in writing.

Assessments & Reports:
The school regularly submits individual child assessments to helps parents monitor their child's progress. Detailed reports are sent after the end of each term.

Health & Safety:

The school will not administer any medication. Parents are required to administer any medication themselves during normal school hours

In case of any health related emergency or injury, the school will follow first aid procedures and contact the parents at the numbers they have provided. If required, the student will be transported to the nearest doctor or hospital

Students are issued an ID card at the time of admission. The ID card should be presented should anyone, besides the parents, is designated to pick the child from school

Road Safety:
Parents should observe safety when picking up children outside school. Drive slow, be aware of small children that may not be easy to spot from the driving position & park your car only at the designated areas.