Program Nursery
Minimum Age + 3 years
School Days Mon - Fri
Class Timings 8:15 AM – 12:00 PM
Class Size10-15 children
Teachers / Class 2
School SessionSept - May
1st Term: Sept - Nov
Terms / Session 2nd Term: Dec - Feb
3rd Term: Mar - May

Our Nursery program further refines your child's skills. Personal skills are groomed so the child becomes more independent. Fine Motor Skills become hands-on, with children cutting & pasting their own mini projects. Cognitive development progresses with more challenging tasks. However, the greatest emphasis is on a child's Social & Language skills. Children learn to interact, share & communicate socially and become more vocally expressive. They even grasp the concept of time.

The Nursery program encompasses the following activities:

Cognitive Development:

  • Understanding the function of various objects
  • Pointing & naming at least 5 colors
  • Knowing own street and town
  • Drawing & recognizing body parts.

Fine Motor Skills:

  • Cutting & Pasting
  • Drawing horizontal & vertical lines
  • Molding clay

Social Skills:

  • Playing and sharing with peers
  • Playing and interaction with other children
  • Attentiveness to detail time & place

Gross Motor Skills:

  • Walking backwards & up the stairs
  • Skipping on alternate feet

Personal Skills:

  • Dressing up, buttoning & unbuttoning with supervision

Language Skills:

  • Following directions
  • Expressing in small sentences
  • Understanding sentences involving time