Parent Teacher Association

SISA Early Childhood program provides a number of ways for parents to get involved in their child's upbringing and make a stronger connection between home and school:

Focus and Attention Form:01
The focus and attention form is a weekly method of tracking your child's development and activities. Parents are provided a preview of the topics, concepts, and vocabulary that will be highlighted in the coming week. This gives the parents an opportunity to reinforce upcoming topics with their children at home.

Parent Teacher Conference:
A 'Parent Teacher Conference' (PTC) is scheduled thrice a year at the beginning of every term. PTC gives parents the opportunity to meet with their child's teachers directly and discuss their child's progress. Parents will be informed of PTC through school circulars. The main agenda for PTC's are:

  • Discuss Child's progress
  • Recommend measures for improvement
  • Resolve parent's issues & concerns
  • Handout curriculum for the upcoming term