Play Group

Program Play Group
Minimum Age + 2 years
School Days Mon - Fri
Class Size 10-25 children
Teachers / Class 2
School Session Sept - May
1st Term: Sept - Nov
Terms / Session 2nd Term: Dec - Feb
3rd Term: Mar - May

Children are encouraged to become less reliant for their personal hygiene during our Playgroup program. Physical exercises & outdoor activities help them evolve their Motor skills. Children also learn to feed themselves. Books, paints & various forms of media are used for Cognitive development & emphasis is placed on each individual child to become responsible & confident. Some of the class activities to refine these skills include:

Gross Motor Skills:

  • Swaying to music
  • Throwing & Catching a ball
  • Steering & pedaling a tricycle
  • Walking, Running, Jumping & Hopping on one foot.

Personal Skills:

  • Informing an adult to use the bathroom
  • Washing and drying hands & face
  • Wiping nose with a tissue when reminded

Cognitive Development:

  • Pointing to objects in picture books
  • Talking briefly about what they are doing
  • Recognizing and matching colors & objects
  • Knowing their own last name & their age
  • Identifying body parts
  • Drawing meaningful pictures
  • Imitating actions & words of adults
  • Comprehending when cold, tired or hungry

Social Skills:

  • Referring to self by name
  • Participating in group activities
  • Sharing toys & taking turns
  • Cleaning away toys

Fine Motor Skills:

  • Spreading jam with a knife & eating with fingers or spoon
  • Stacking Blocks

Language Skills:

  • Following request to bring a familiar object
  • Understanding simple keywords
  • Using my & mine to indicate possession
  • Referring to favorite people & objects with sounds or words
  • Talking about a picture in short sentences
  • Listening to stories and songs
  • Understanding size & comparisons
  • Repeating at least 1 nursery rhyme or song