choosing the right school

The school you opt for today may very well be your child alma-mater for the next fifteen years. Therefore, choosing the right school can be the single most influential factor in your child’s future. These guidelines have been cited from an independent article published in a uk magazine by author and education pundit Afshan Saher. They are being published here as an unbiased analysis to help facilitate parents in choosing the best school for their children.

What they like best about the school?

Is this how you want your child to turn out?

What you know about friendship?

What are the younger children like?

This is the crucible into which your child will be pitched. Do you want to like the way they play and work together?

How do staff and pupils interact? What do the lonely children do?

Make sure you have plenty of opportunity to observe classes as you go around. Are the children absorbed, energetic, listless, disorganized?

Is the Classrooms environment uplifting?