parent - teacher association

Parents and families play a bigger role in a child’s upbringing and any discrepancies between school and home directly affect their perceptions. it is as important for us to keep the parents in the picture as it is for parents to keep informed of their child’s progress. The School regularly communities with parents through planned meetings and circulars. We have also defined some guidelines and recommendations for parents. Parents are requested to follow these to help us make your child’s school time more productive. It is the school’s responsibility to regulate safety and maintain a healthy environment and the school will promptly follow up any suggestions in this regard. The information in this section has been organized not only for parents of children already enrolled in SISA but also, quite impartially, for parents seeking advice on deciding the best school for their children. A summary of the main topics covered within these pages is as follows.

  • A parent-teacher association (PTA) Details various school events to promote parent-school liaison.
  • Assistive parenting, schools recommendations for positive parenting
  • Guidelines, school policies concerning various issues and parental concerns
  • Health and safety, best practices in providing a safe & health school environment for your children
  • Choosing the right school: Independent article to assist parents to make an informed decision

SISA Pre-School Strives to strengthen the continuity between home and school and truly looks forward to meeting and talking with you periodically. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the pre-school head Mrs. Rafida Izzat or the school principal Mrs. Saeeda Salim directly.